Choosing post secondary school is a big decision both time wise and financially. Rather than just take our word that Elevate Beauty is the best choice for your education, read some testimonials from some of our students and their parents to see what they have to say…

Words can’t thank you enough at Elevate for accepting, supporting and challenging my son during his hair styling education. You provided such an accepting environment for him to flourish in. Not only did he learn new techniques but his confidence has grown over this past year. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds for him- sky’s the limit!

- Marcy, Proud Parent, Lower Sackville, NS

Our reason in the beginning for contacting you was to find a location outside of HRM, that was willing and able to allow Rachel to complete her very short but important required hours to complete the course she started at another school. We then met and got to know you and the Elevate staff and owners through correspondence and then in person.

I have to say as a parent, I felt my daughter’s individual needs, well being and success were sincerely important to you, and she was not just a number or money in the bank. Your school is willing to guide and allow your students options to learn the best way for them, hence assuring their success and happiness throughout and allowing them to create a career that they can be proud of, successful at, and happy doing every day.

The atmosphere was, inclusive, caring, respectful and professional. In the short time at your school my daughter felt included and cared about. The training was top notch, and the class/shop time was very inspiring and enjoyable. She thought the balance at your school was perfect.

You were able to give my daughter exactly what she needed to be successful.

- Lila, Proud Mother, Trenton, NS

“When I chose to go to Elevate Beauty, I never expected to get more than an education in esthetics. The instructors, owners and even the administration help you see your true potential. This isn’t just a school, this is a place where you’ll gain the confidence you need to succeed in anything you set your mind to. They don’t only teach you the curriculum at Elevate Beauty, they teach you to trust yourself and believe in who you are. One of the best choices I’ve made for my future was to come to Elevate Beauty and I’m so happy I did. I highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to be a part of the beauty industry! I promise you won’t be disappointed!”

- Shanda H., Kentville, NS

My wife started school in September after being on medical Leave from her previous employment for the preceding four months due to an injury. Her previous employment left her in a state of mild depression, and a loss of confidence in herself. While there was a feeling of trepidation in undertaking a return to school at her current age, there was also a high level of enthusiasm. Within a couple of weeks, I began to notice a distinct difference in her personality. Four months later she had completely changed; she had become confident, focused and believed she was on a new path to success. This continued throughout the remainder of her training.
I speak with high experience when I state that most people can learn a technical skill, given time and training; I am also fully aware that it takes a skilled and dedicated “staff” to reinforce those skills and alter a person’s mindset.
As a retired Officer of the Canadian Army, involved with leadership training for the last ten years of my career I’ll use a simple expression I’ve used with my own staff many times “WELL DONE TO ALL”.

- Wayne, Proud Husband, Coldbrook, NS

I researched a lot of the schools around the Nova Scotia area. When typing in google, “best esthetics in NS” this was the one that came up! I live in the HRM area and there are schools closer to me here, but as I furthered my research into this school, I discovered making the journey was worth it to get the best of the best education to make myself the best that I can be. Once I came down and spoke with the owner, it was confirmed that this was where I wanted to attend. The classes are small which gives much more one on one attention, therefore having much more practice and help with perfecting my career.

- Heather B., Dartmouth, NS

I just wanted to take a few moments to pass on how much I appreciate the education my daughter has attained along with the growth she has shown as a result of her time at Elevate Beauty. When my daughter and I left after our initial interview prior to enrollment I remember getting a sense of both professionalism and fun family atmosphere at the same time. This can be a rare combination but when present the training and confidence building for the students is second to none and this is certainly the case at Elevate. The staff and instructors at Elevate all have the knowledge, passion and engagement to help the students grow and become the very best they can be in their field.

Elevate is not just the name but also the result and I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again.

- Andrew, Proud Parent, Kentville, NS

As a university graduate, I was looking for a program that offered me a more hands on approach to learning with one on one attention if needed and a comfortable, positive atmosphere! The staff are kind, caring and enthusiastic about what they do which translates into the education they provide! I definitely found the type of teaching style I was looking for!! Due to that and hard work, I had a full time job lined up before I graduated! Lisa has such an incredible passion for her school that she, along with the help of her staff, has created a warm, encouraging atmosphere for her students! I’m extremely proud to be a part of the Elevate Beauty family!

- Stephanie H., Bridgewater, NS

My learning experience from Elevate Beauty was phenomenal. It was a tough decision for me to go back to schooI after many years and switch to a different career path. I was so nervous on my first day at Elevate Beauty not only because I thought I was too old to start a new career, but also because I am a foreign student and English is not my first language. I immediately felt welcomed into my class and the hair program and suddenly I fell in-love with it since then. Instructors are very knowledgeable and passionate and they played a huge part of my inspiration to continue and stay motivated throughout the program despite the unforeseen events along the way and pandemic being the toughest. They’ve been very supportive to me and helpful when I needed it. They prepared me so well that I am very confident to start with my new career outside of school as a hairstylist. I will be forever grateful for the learning experience and for the life lessons this program had taught me.

Thank you for everything!

- Maria, Kentville, NS, Your Content Goes Here

I decided to choose Elevate Beauty Institute of Cosmetology because I felt like the staff actually cared when I came to meet them and see the school, they made me feel right at home and kept encouraging me to ask questions if I had any. I felt supported and comfortable within the first 10 minutes vs my last attempt at going to school to better myself and my daughter. I can see myself learning quite a lot and being encouraged to which makes all the difference for me.

- Megan L., Greenwood, NS

I am a graduate from two of Elevate Beauty’s courses. First, I studied Nail Technology and within a few short weeks I knew the beauty industry was the place for me. About a year later, I had the greatest opportunity to come back to Elevate to attend the Eyelash Enhancement course as well. I enjoyed every day I spent in school and I wouldn’t be where I am without their amazing teachers and education. I now work full time in a beautiful spa as a Nail & Lash Tech and it is all thanks to this fabulous school. I will always recommend Elevate to anyone looking to start a career in cosmetology! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful school here in Nova Scotia.

- Amy B., Blockhouse, NS

We thought another school was “the best choice because of the name and we thought they were the best in the field!! Turns out they are not and she was just a “number”!! They had items on their web page that were not covered!! And the number 1 reason we picked them was because we were led to believe she would walk out of there with more than other schools offered! Turns out Elevate covered the same material.

After you guys took Jessica under your many wings, she excelled in mind and spirit as well as the program!!! Having a home town feel and never feeling like a number ever!! You guys listened when she had questions and any concerns. We can never thank you all enough for taking the time to hear us out and take her in!!

- Natasha, Proud Mother, Black Rock, NS

Before starting at Elevate Beauty, I did farm work and factory work. I knew absolutely nothing about the beauty industry, but I needed a drastic change in my life. I took a chance on Elevate Beauty, and all the staff and students helped me learn everything I needed to know. Thanks to their help, and my own hard work, I was able to rise to the top of my class. I’ve learned the skills and gained the confidence to succeed. Thanks Elevate Beauty!

- Samantha S., Coldbrook, NS

I was told by a former student that this is the best institute of cosmetology in Nova Scotia. From my visit there I can tell that it is a great place to learn since the classes are small and the instructors are very involved in all the work that is done. It is a very friendly environment.

- Keely D., Lower West Pubnico, NS